Web Development, Data Analysis and Consulting.

About Us

We are a company passionate about AI, deep learning, data analysis and web applications. We use cutting edge AI technologies to create tailor made software for our customers to succeed in their business with the help of internet projects we run.
The company was founded in 2016.

Our Work

We run:
- DreamPic.AI - AI Generated User Pictures in various styles
- DreamStaging.AI - AI Powered Virual Staging Solution
- DreamSound.AI - Place where AI meets Music
- - Rotating Proxies for data mining
- - Lottery Results and Analysis website
We do Server Backend, Machine Learning, Data Science applications. Our stack includes but not limited to:
- Python, Go
- PyToch, Django, Celery
- SciPy (Numpy, Pandas, scikit-learn, Jupyter)
- Node.js, Puppeteer
- Crawling, scraping, data parsing and extraction, ETL
- PostgreSQL, Clickhouse DB
- Google Cloud, AWS
- React, Sass, Bootstrap

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Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, Estonia, 15551

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